Beer without the alcohol is a great drink: healthy, low calorie & vitamin enriched. And the best part is, no chance of a hangover! Alcohol free beer is made with the same natural ingredients that go in to regular beer - water, malt, yeast and hops - and nothing artificial.


At the Smart Beer Club we support individual journeys towards a healthier lifestyle and believe that switching to alcohol free beer can help achieve this. Experience the health benefits of Smart Drinking...


...Join us today.

Low calories

Unlike alcoholic beer and many soft drinks, alcohol free beer is very low in calories. For example; Brewdog's 'Nanny State' (0.5%) has 8 calories per 100ml whereas their Punk IPA (5.6%) has a huge 49 calories per 100ml. Pepsi and Coca-Cola come in at a hefty 42 calories per 100ml!

Vitamin enriched

Alcohol free beer has all the rich B vitamins found in alcoholic beer, but of course, without the alcohol. Some European varieties are even tested and marketed as sports recovery drinks, meaning they boost recovery and effectively replace fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise.

NO hangover!

The best part. You can sink as many of these as you like, with no risk of ill effects. Remember that last earth shattering hangover? We do, and we would rather not go back. Feel free to indulge all evening and still wake up for that early morning run. You can even have one to hydrate afterwards!

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