Genuine quotes from current Smart Beer Club members:

"I quit drinking over a year ago and started to miss the theatre and taste of proper beer. SBC has truly filled the void! Receiving their monthly box  is something I always look forward to and it's exciting to receive the email announcement of what to expect in the next shipment. Each box is carefully curated and offers a balanced range of lagers and ales from around the continent (occasionally we'll get a wild card drink such as a ginger ale, which is great!). The bottles are lovingly packaged and arrive at a convenient collection point near my home. Even my drinking friends are jealous"!


AH - GB member since December 2018

“I've been experimenting with low alcohol beers but was disappointed by the limited selection available in pubs and supermarkets. I discovered the Smart Beer Club on Instagram back in October, and I have been delighted by the variety and range of different beers delivered straight to my door. It's also been great for my partner who doesn't drink and is often frustrated by the lack of choice for non-drinkers. The Smart Beer Club has allowed us to bond over a topic we didn't think possible, cheers"!


RL - SBC Local member since October 2018