Lucky Saint

One of the best parts of being a young business in the alcohol-free world is working with the creators of exciting new AF beers, often right here in the UK. One of these is Luke Boase, the founder of Lucky Saint. We caught up with Luke to ask him a few questions about the beer and how he got it to where it is today:


Why did you get in to the alcohol-free game?


"I wanted to change how the world thought about alcohol-free beer: From the perception, to the product, to the experience".


Why the name 'Lucky Saint’?


"Because we believe in making your own luck"!


Why start off with a lager? I hear this is the most difficult AF beer to pull off!


"All alcohol free beer is difficult to brew but lager is particularly so. With other styles you can work with the flavour profiles and aromas that other grains and hops can deliver but lager has, by definition, a clean flavour profile. I thought if we can do a great lager, then we can do anything - so that's the best place to start".


What kind of people drink Lucky Saint?


"Our beer is for everyone".


Seems that you've had a great journey so far with the beer. Where would you love to see it end up?


”The journey has been amazing, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response both from the trade and consumers. It’s still such early days, but if we can fulfill that mission to change perceptions of alcohol-free beer, then I’ll be a happy man. Oh and I'd love to see Lucky Saint widely available on draft. That would be cool"!


Thanks for chatting with us Luke and we wish you all the best in 2019.


Find out more about Luke's story on his website here.