Cold-busting beer?

In a previous blog we provided a link to a German marathon study by “Be-MaGIC” that showed how alcohol-free beer (in this case the wheat/weiss beer Erdinger Alkoholfrei) promoted the health of athletes.


Why is this? Well, aside from alcohol-free beer being isotonic (containing similar amounts of salt and sugar as the human body) apparently it’s all down to polyphenols – immune boosting antioxidants produced in the brewing process. In the Be-MaGIC study they showed that the marathon runners who drunk alcohol-free beer had a stronger immune system and were up to three times less likely to develop a cold after the race!


Since it isn’t lawful to promote the health benefits of alcoholic beer, we haven’t heard much about this in the UK. However, German alcohol-free beers have been marketed as such for years. In fact, there are now apparently more than 400 types of alcohol-free beers in Germany – which consumes more alcohol-free beer than any country apart from Iran.


Fascinating stuff.


Now to be clear, these benefits do to a degree apply to all beer – but the presence of the alcohol negates any of the wins discussed here. You need to go alcohol-free to call beer healthy.


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