What is ‘Smart Beer’?

Here at The Smart Beer Club we like to keep things simple. We only sell beers below 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume).


We class our Smart Beers ‘alcohol-free’ - aligning ourselves with most of the world and hopefully very soon the UK, whose government is currently consulting on a proposal to officially allow all beers below 0.5% ABV to be called ‘alcohol-free’. This is currently allowed for imported beers, but not those produced in the UK – confusing right?


The mindful drinking movement Club Soda are doing great work in carefully researching this issue, and have submitted evidence to the UK Government that shows:


  • 0.5% ABV drinks do not lead to intoxication, are safe for drivers, and cause no harm to pregnant women and their babies.
  • The UK is the only country in the world we can find that labels 0.5% drinks as “low alcohol”. But 0.5% beers produced outside the UK can be sold here as “alcohol free”, which puts many brilliant UK brewers at a disadvantage.
  • Many foodstuffs and soft drinks contain similar trace amounts of alcohol and don’t need to share this information on their labels.
  • Consumers are confused by the labelling, but once given the right information they are likely to change their perceptions of 0.5% drinks.

Club Soda, May 2018, available at: https://joinclubsoda.co.uk/club-soda-challenges-public-health-minister/


At The Smart Beer Club we recognise the UK's aims to promote a healthier lifestyle and believe switching to alcohol-free beer can be one of the steps to achieve this. This really is Smart Drinking.



Be SMART and join the Smart Beer Club today.