Types of Beer explained

In the simplest terms, according to the method of brewing beer, all beers can be grouped in to ales and lagers – straightforward enough right? But within that there is a lot of diversity, with a recent proliferation of types driven by the growth of the craft beer scene.  


You could drink IPA (India pale ale), APA (American pale ale), lager, pilsner, craft lager, ale, craft ale, porter, stout, sour, wheat, dark, light, amber and red ales... the list goes on.


To keep things smart and simple, we split our beers in to four categories, with most of them falling in to the first two camps: 


- IPAs (encompassing APAs and other types of crisp, hoppy 'craft beer’)

- Lagers (including pale / traditional lagers, pilsners and craft lagers)

- Ales (classic ales with high flavour and low carbonation, including dark, amber and red ales)

- Stouts (encompassing porters) 


In the future we hope to offer increased personalisation of our smart beer packs. For the time being we provide a variety, so that you get the chance to sample a range of great beers that you may not normally choose.  


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